Apple iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre battery life is a pain for many users

The new touchscreen titans, Palm Pre and Apple iPhone 3GS, are winning over customers, each of the smartphones has received a powerful approval rating in the two months that they have been available.

However, there is always room for improvements, according to director of research at Rockville, Paul Carton. An example of this is: 41% of iPhone 3S users and 45% of Palm Pre owners dislike the battery life as it’s too short. Also 32% of Apple iPhone owners dislike the fact that they have to use AT&T as their carrier, 23% dislike the speed, coverage and quality of AT&T’s network.

But saying that, the iPhone 3GS is still the overall winner of satisfaction with a rating of 99%, 82% were very satisfied and 17% were somewhat satisfied. This rating off 99% is the highest result ChangeWave has ever had on file. Customers are said to believe that the touchscreen is the best feature of the iPhone, then it was ease of use and web browsing that came next in the top three.

Apple maybe breaking a record but Palm Pre is just round the corner, their satisfaction rating is 87%, 45% very satisfied and 42% somewhat satisfied. They are both at the top of the Smartphone Mountain. As we said earlier, 32% of iPhone 3GS users were unhappy with the requirement to use the AT&T network, but only 11% of Palm Pre users said they dislike the Sprint network. Sure enough, the smartphone market is big enough for both Apple and Palm Pre.

Source – crn.com

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