iPhone 3.0: Facebook mobile review, pros and cons

Mobile social networking is taking a jump forward, since the launch of the iPhone users have been using Facebook but with Facebook for iPhone 3.0, it could get even better.

The only problem with this version is that you will not be able to watch non-YouTube videos and there is a short amount of push notifications. This does stop you having the complete desktop Facebook familiarity. The iPhone 3.0 is not available yet in the App Store but we are curtain to see it soon as it has been submitted to Apple.

With the earlier version 2.5, even though you couldn’t gain access to favourate pages, it was still a good mobile tool for Facebook. Now with the up to date version you can do all the things you couldn’t do with the 2.5 version like, RSVP your events, see friends birthdays and access favourate pages. And this app is FREE.

The modified “Friends” list is an amazing new additions, it now shows a phone icon if they have put in their phone number. Just by tapping the phone icon, you will be able to text or dial you friends direct from the screen, brilliant feature. The newer version allows you to zoom in on others photos, delete and create new photos of your own, delete tags again on your own only.

The down side to this update is, once you have set your custom home screens you cannot then edit them. This is bad if your first edit tab happens to be someone you will never speak too as you are then stuck with that person. You still have the two different address books, your Facebook address book and the main iPhone address book. So is the mobile experience better than the browser experience?

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