Radtech Styloid iPhone Stylus Review: Is it good or bad?

The Apple iPhone is 99 percent touchscreen. This is both bad and good. Its only bad if you were to wear gloves in the winter time as the touchscreen does not work with them, so no calling friends or texting, the good thing however is Apple has made the user interface so easy and friendly to use.

Radtech has a solution to the winter problems, they have made a Styloid iPhone Stylus. This is a stylus that can be used with the iPod Touch or iPhone , it’s not a new idea though. Last year the Pogo stylus was reviewed but lets see what the Styloid has to offer. The Styloid stylus is made of aluminum + stainless, it is 101 x 6mm / 4.0×0.24in, satin black and weighs 4g / 0.14oz. This stylus works with Apple iPod Touch, Capacitive touch-control interfaces, Apple iPhone and Computer Trackpads.

The Styloid has a smooth surface and is light weight, it has a pocket clip on one end which is stainless steel and the stylus tip is at the other end, it appears firm but spongy and is a black material. The Pogo Stylus had a fuzzy tip but the Styloid’s tip looks as if it is coated with a layer of plastic or vinyl. When it is not being used it does not have a cap to look after it.

A tester has been using the Styloid for a couple of days on and off and noticed, it does take more energy to use the stylus than using your finger. This is because you cannot get the same angle when tapping the stylus on the screen as you would if you were to write with paper and a pen. If typing a text message the stylus often skipped letters, this is showing to be more of a hindrance than a help. However if you are someone with larger fingers this could possibly be the answer.

Source – the gadgeteer

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