Google launch new Image Search results for iPhone and Android-powered devices.

Earlier this year Google launched Image search results for the iPhone and Android powered devices, since then however, Google have rolled out a new format to both the iPhone and Android in 28 countries.

Now the Image Search results pages are available for most other phones in 38 languages. Although the Image results are actually quite tightly packed making use of the screen space available on your phone and allowing you to scan 8 – 14 images on a single result page. Click on the image and your taken to the details page from there you can visit the web page hosting the image or simply view the image in it’s full size.

It’s simple to do just go to google.com and click on images, do a search query, the results page will then show you related images, so click the image you fancy, you can also use the next and previous option without having to start from the beginning again. Source – googlemobile

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