LG GD910 Watch phone from Orange for £500, releases 27 August

The highly anticipated Watchphone from LG is due to be released next week on the 27th, exclusively to Orange.

The LG GD910 was showcased in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, it features a scratch resistant touchscreen interface including voice commands. The place to be if you want one of these is Orange’s flagship store in Bond Street station in London. The first of these go on sale there at 9.00am on the 27th August.

There were rumours of a price tag of £1000 but you will be relieved to hear that Orange’s ‘exclusive’ price will be just half that at £500 on pay as you go. Francios Mahieu director of devices at Orange UK said that “being handmade, the device is highly original, and exclusively limited, so you’ll be the envy of all your friends if you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on one.” For more information visit v3.co.uk

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