How Too Officially and Legally Unlock an iPhone 3G

Apparently it is possible to unlock you iPhone legally, and it’s all down to iPhone maker Apple reports an article on the apple blog. Apple Blog member Oily Farshi claims he legitimately unlocked his 2yr old iPhone 3G simply by taking advantage of a European loophole.

What Farshi did was pay of his 2 year Sonera carrier contract, which Sonera than forwarded the request to Apple, and then when Farshi synced his iPhone 3G with iTunes he saw a prompt to install an official carrier update.

Farshi explains that paying off your contract early entitles means you complete your contract prematurely and thus the owner to have their iPhone 3G unlocked permanently and can use any carrier SIM.


One thought on “How Too Officially and Legally Unlock an iPhone 3G”

  1. Rammi says:

    I did that only yesterday with my 3Gs and I didn't use any loopholes in any European country.
    I live in Libya and I tried to Jailbreak it by myself… but it got stuck so I disconnected it and reconnected it to iTunes and restored the 4.2.1 OS and then a message appeared that you "You iPjone has been unlocked" I don't what I did or how I did it but it was done.

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