Video: Samsung Omnia 2 AMOLED Screen not too good outside

If you are considering grabbing yourself a Samsung Omnia 2 smartphone you may find this video review from pocketnow quite interesting as it takes into consideration the Samsung Omnia 2’s AMOLED display operating outside.

Apparently the Samsung Omnia 2 AMOLED display delivers great contrast and really dark blacks inside, but when you step outside the AMOLED screen has very, very poor visibility, and a kind of “milky-white pudding” which cuts down the contrast.

The video of the Samsung Omnia 2 outside, courtesy of daily mobile last just over a minute but does give you a good idea of what to expect when you use the Samsung Omnia 2 outside rather than inside.


4 thoughts on “Video: Samsung Omnia 2 AMOLED Screen not too good outside”

  1. Midge W says:

    I’ve seen the video. It’s about what I get with my current HTC Titan, Verizon model XV6800, when I’m outside. Honestly, unless I’m in the shade or it’s a cloudy day I can’t see anything on the screen when I’m outside. This will not dissuade me from getting this phone.

  2. ....... says:

    You people must be kidding me..
    I have this phone and that’s because the auto backlight is on.. If you turn the auto backlight off, the screen is beautiful even outside. And when you turn the brightness of the phone to 100%, the screen is just beautiful. Truly amazing screen thanks to the AMOLED. Comparing the Omnia 2’s AMOLED screen to Iphone, Omnia 2 is surely a winner.
    It’s a shame that some people are posting articles without much information and making the product look bad. Maybe next time, you should find out more about the product before criticizing.

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