BlackBerry How-to Tip: Boot in safe mode

We all like to know how to fix things and read all the tips and hints we get informed about. Well here we have another one for you.

Apparently somebody over the weekend had a slight disagreement between their Tour and an application they had installed. After trying to reboot after adding the application the user was faced with the device not getting past the VZW splash screen. Almost at the point of giving up the user stumbled across a RIM article claiming to show you how to boot in safe mode.

Apparently this doesn’t work on the Tour OS, but supposedly it does work on most devices running on OS 4.6 and higher. The idea behind it is that it is much the same as the safe mode on your PC, booting your device will allow you to uninstall any bad applications by loading just the bare essentials on start up. Source – crackberry.com

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