Madden 2010 for iPhone confirmed: NFL season played with many thumbs

Well everyone knows that Madden’s available on phones but now we have to emphasize the iPhone is getting Madden 2010. It is going to be available just in time for the NFL season, confirmed today by EA.

The game is pretty impressive, its console quality as well. Madden does need a lot of buttons and quick reflexes; however the iPhone seems to be short of buttons. The iPhone version of the game will sport Wii-like features and motion sensing.

If you are going to throw a pass, you will need to take your iPhone in your throwing hand and pretend you are throwing a ball. The motion is then detected and registered as a pass. If you are wanted to change direction you would have to turn just like a player would. Madden is going to cost $19.99 from the App Store and will be launched when the console editions are.

Source – engadgetmobile.com

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