Modu 2 touchscreen phone will release 2010 in the UK

Here we are just a few weeks after the official release of the first modular phone in the world Modu, and we have news already on its successor. The Modu 2.

What’s probably the most exciting bit of information about the Modu 2 is its outstanding touchscreen and capabilities and the HSDPA support. The first Modu took around two years before it went to mass production, the Modu 2 it seems will be here in a much shorter space of time.

The promise is that it will sport a QWERTY jacket just in case touchscreen isn’t for you. We of course are taking all the promises lightly at the moment considering the promises that were made around the jackets for the first Modu as only a tiny fraction of them actually became available. Source – gsmarena.com

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