Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition release date and price

Nokia revealed today the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, this is a complete GPS-centric variant of the Nokia 5800 XpresMusic. Using the energy gained by the original XpressMusic mobile, the new mobile matches the functionality of its forerunner almost faultlessly.

There is a big difference and this is the added lifetime Drive and Walk navigation license and the great looking stand and car charger that lets you to effortlessly use the phone as an in-car SatNav device. The only other difference is that this model will be available in black and chrome colour combo and not the two-coloured versions of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition will be available in three different types, each one packing quad-band GSM connectivity. Two of them will also have dual-band 3G with HSDPA and WLAN, whilst the third one will be short of both connectivity options. Looking at the promo video that was published, unfortunately the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition’s 3.2 inch display screen appears to be poor when under direct sunlight.

This device is supposed to be used on your dashboard, which means it is regularly bare to sunlight, doesn’t seem like a great travel companion now does it? Earlier than the end of the current quarter the Nokia 5800 will begin shipping, selling at around 285 euro, this is before subsidies and taxes.

Source – gsmarena.com


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