Palm Pre is no iPhone killer but still awesome

The Sunnyvale Californian based company Palm enjoyed some success with its Treo and Centro branded smartphones, but then blew the roof away last January by unveiling the Palm Pre based on the new webOS operating system.

The Palm Pre is an extraordinary gadget, with a few areas for improvement and unless you need s BlackBerry for business then this new smartphone is the most impressive in Bells lineup to date.

Being around the size of a standard bar of soap the Palm pre is also smooth and has a rounded design that makes it slip comfortably into the palm of your hand. Slide out the QWERTY keyboard from the bottom of the phone to start typing. Navigation is a breeze and you can action a number of apps all at the same time. Something that the iPhone doesn’t allow you to do. There is no expandable memory but with 8GB this should be enough for you to store a couple of thousand songs or photos. To find out more including more pro’s and con’s please visit nbbusinessjournal.Canada east.com

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