Poll: Should Apple worry about possible iPhone take-over by Google?

Apple has replied to the FCC about the refusal of Google Voice. Apple has said, they strongly recommend the Google Voice app replaces most of the Apple iPhone OS function.

This is not accurate, and it is believed that the statement is deceptive. The argument is that, despite the fact that Google Voice gives separate SMS functionality , voice mail, and voice dialing outside Apple’s Message apps and built-in Phone, customers are still able to use the built in apps.

Google Voice only takes the place of these things when the Google Voice phone number is dialed. Users are partly going to use the Google Voice number instead of the AT&T number. So the users will replace the SMS apps and the built in Phone with the Google Voice app. Several sources at Google have said that in unofficial discussions with Apple, Apple uttered disappointment that the number of core iPhone apps that are controlled by Google.

Maps, YouTube and Search are all common apps controlled by Google. The browser however, is still Apple’s, they do not have much left to call their own except for the core phone, calendar and contacts feature. Apple was fearful, say the sources that Google was getting too much control on the iPhone, and that is why they discarded the application. So the question is: Should Apple worry about possible iPhone take-over by Google?

Source – theiphoneblog.com

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