LG Chocolate BL40 Touch gets a little review baby

Mobile Review has conducted a pretty large review about the new LG BL40 Chocolate Touch. At a first glances it appears the device is quite exceptional.

The device has a 21:9 display, the haughty demeanor, the S-Class UI, so why wouldn’t you love it. We can see for ourselves how attractive the device is, but what we really want to know is how well it will do in the real world. From a reviewer’s point of view, the best thing is the devices dimensions.

The dimensions are a big deal, at more than 5 inches tall, you will need a big bag to take this beauty around. This phone is going to set you back 25,000 rubles which is around $795. The fact that you will need a big bag isn’t the only problem, when in landscape the QWERTY keyboard takes up the whole screen. The display feature here cannot match up to the AMOLED given by Samsung.

Source – engadgetmobile.com

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