Nokia Comes With Music: Taylor Swift, Britney Spears library build

Nokia Music plans world domination with Come With Music, this offers everything you want from a music download service. There are over six million songs to choose from. This is said to be the best supply for digital music.

All that is needed is a Comes With Music account and a Nokia XpressMusic device, it’s that simple. This service can be used to make a music library. The other week, Jordin Sparks came to our attention for the first time; her name was pulled for Random Album for Letter P. This shows that by using Comes With Music you can find acts you may not have looked for before.

The next artist to be searched for was Britney Spears, she has the Blackout and Piece of Me albums on Comes With Music, as well as the new Circus. At a guess though, the most popular tunes will be, Baby One More Time, Ooops! I Did it Again and Greatest Hits. The new American artist, Taylor Swift who sings ‘Crazier’ on the Hanana Montana movie soundtrack, has her album Fearless on Comes With Music.

There is a huge range of music which can be added to your library, right from thrash metal to artists like Snow Patrol with their famous song Eyes Open. You can also choose from soundtracks to give your library a wide variety of music.

Source – noknok.tv

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