iPhone 3GS Jailbreak Problem: Calls people on its own

Here’s something that may make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, have a read and feel free to post your own comments or ghostly experiences.

This apparently happened after an unsuspecting user managed to successfully jailbreak his / her friends iPhone 3GS. At first everything looked and appeared to be in order the phone performed it’s functions correctly but then something strange started to happen….

The Apple iPhone 3GS started to call people all by itself, not when the phone was in the pocket but even when the unsuspecting user was fast asleep. It appears that this is happening with a higher frequency at night, as a result the phone was restored from backup, as this didn’t resolve the calls it was eventually restored to new and it appears that this problem has now gone away. Source – forum.theiphoneblog.com


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