Power Pros Touch Baseball game for iPhone gets reviewed

According to a report on macworld Konami has now brought Power Pros Touch to the Apple iPhone, a series famous in Japan called Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu and famous for arcade baseball action.

Power Pros Touch for the iPhone allows the user to play an exhibition game or opt to play a whole season of 25, 50 or 162 games and set the number of innings per game as well as set difficulty.

The iPhone gets to choose 1 of 6 teams that have names such as Pegasus, Pawapuro Stars and Golden Fox and each team sports their own logo and uniform colours and Power Pros Touch is compatible with any iPhone sporting iPhone 2.2.1 software.


One thought on “Power Pros Touch Baseball game for iPhone gets reviewed”

  1. donkeysun says:

    Waste of money. Slugger is better game for same price and baseball superstar is much better than both. Konami games on iphone are garbage.

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