EBay News Announcement: Possible sale of Skype Internet phone unit

Now this could possibly be really good news if all true, EBay may possibly announce some good news today in the way of selling its Skype Internet phone unit to some private investors.

We were intrigued when we found this latest news over on Bloomberg, the buyers could include the likes of Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm headed by Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, and apparently Index Ventures, a private-equity firm that invested in Skype before EBay acquired it, Silver Lake Partners may be another who could be involved.

No one is too sure on the financial details but EBay did before want around $2 billion for Skype, revenue for Skype climbed to massive 25 percent to $170 million in the second quarter. For more info please do visit Bloomberg


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  1. Sound cool to me. I have been using Skype, and I really appreciate the free Skype to Skype calls. I have a family abroad and I thank Skype because it helps me get closer with my family. If selling Skype will benefit everybody, then this is one great news.

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