Will AT&T users stay around or choose Verizon with iPhone-like phone?

With AT&T’s exclusivity over the Apple iPhone, one would expect AT&T to have been coining it in, but apparently that presumption is wrong according to an article ob WSJ. Apparently AT&T may have been getting the blunt end of the stick while Apple coffers have been growing.

The word is AT&T’s profit margins have been eroded and as for their network, well its only grown by some 5 to 6%, and Q2 profits were down some 15 percent, while Apple has been enjoying great success with the iPhone.

Of course the real damage has been to AT&T’s reputation with many iPhone users now hating AT&T, so much so that some can’t wait for the iPhone to become available with Verizon. Now the thing is if or when Verizon gain the iPhone, just how many current AT&T customers will jump ship?


7 thoughts on “Will AT&T users stay around or choose Verizon with iPhone-like phone?”

  1. Barbara says:

    I was given an iPhone for my birthday. I loved the iPhone, but didn’t care for AT&T service. I had lots of dropped calls, and I couldn’t forward text messages. I kept the phone for about a year, and switched back to Verizon with the Blackberry storm. I liked the iPhone better. With AT&T I paid $60+- monthly but with Verizon for the same access, internet, text, apps, etc. It costs $160+- every month! With the application on the computer for syncing, slowed my computer and it never worked properly. I think all cell phones should be available on the network that works best for you!

  2. HatinAT&T says:

    I can’t wait to get rid of AT&T. I have five iphone users on our plan, but we can’t even get calls in our own office – in New York City! Not even sitting by a window. I only even get 2 bars sitting in my own living room in Brooklyn.

    It’s basically becoming an email/text device. Oh, and I get voice mails for the calls I miss.

    AT&T takes our money every month, but does not assume they need to provide their end of the bargain. Can you imagine a restaurant or a clothing store doing the same? It’s absolutely insane!

  3. Chip says:

    Earlier this summer I wanted an iPhone — badly. And I’m already an AT&T customer. The only thing is, I wanted the deal they were offering new customers and upgrades (I think it was $199 plus 2 year contract?) And this was a few days *before* the new iPhone hit the stores.

    Whatever the deal was, I wanted it. I may even have signed up for 2 phones if they had been more agreeable. But I was 2 months away from my “free renewal” date and they wouldn’t budge.

    They could easily have hooked me for another 2 years, but essentially gave the impression they don’t want my money.

    My iPhone fever cooled soon after that and I am glad they didn’t give in to my pleas. The indifference of the customer service people to existing customers is astonishing, and probably a big factor in the speculation that many will use a Verizon iPhone as the perfect excuse to switch carriers.

  4. Jeff says:

    I have had all carriers and have found Verizon to be the best in all sections. Chip posted that AT&T wouldnt budge on changing his upgrade date, Verizon changed mine and I was over a year out. There customer support is awesome and coverage is great too. I see a lot of AT&T customers leaving to come to Verizon if and when the Iphone comes to the big red. Lets hope it happens soon, can’t wait.

  5. Skip says:

    Unahppy to hear Verizon may be almost 3 times as expensive as AT&T. Love my iPhone but, at home, I have NO cell phone reception. W/o WIFI, my iPhone would be a brick.

    Verizon has good coverage where I live, but I’ll stay with AT&T if the price is that high at Verizion.

    Love my freakin’ iPhone! I just wish I could use the “phone” part of iPhone more.

    Spent a week in Austin, TX. I didn’t go anywhere that I showed less than 5 bars. Made me want to move there even more than normal. Grandkids doncha know?

    Sent from central Alabama.

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