Poll: Are touchscreen phones better than physical QWERTY keyboards?

So are you a touch screen or physical keyboard kind of person? The roll of the keyboard in smartphones is an important one. The iPhone is known for its superb touch screen while BlackBerry smartphone users love a physical QWERTY.

The guys over at pcworld have taken a look at six top smartphones 3 touch screen and 3 physical keyboard devices, the iPhone 3GS, HTC Hero and Samsung HD Icon for the touch screen side.

And for the physical keyboard side the BlackBerry Bold, Nokia E75 and the HTC Snap handsets and given each a review.

That said, personally I prefer a physical keyboard as I have trouble hitting the right keys on a virtual one, however many have no trouble at all with virtual keyboards. So we have decided to see what our readers think on this subject, so please use our poll below.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Are touchscreen phones better than physical QWERTY keyboards?”

  1. Dale says:

    I prefer the full QWERTY keyboard over touchscreen but there’s not much in it and they’re both infinitely better than a numeric pad for typing text.

  2. hayley says:

    I definitely prefer physical qwerty key board, just ordered the LG GW300 to replace my LG KS360. Had a samsung tocco before that and couldn’t get on with the touch screen.

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