OLED screens on smartphones boosted thanks to Nokia and Samsung

Both the Nokia N85 and the Samsung Impression are among the new smartphones improving the growth of OLEDs.

The great new flexible ’green screen’ energy efficient as well as being both color friendly and a lot easier to recycle than LCDs. It looks like the LCDs may well be going the sane place the tube television went. Reports recently from iSuppli shows that the release of smartphones featuring the all important AM-OLED screens has demand for this kind of technology on the increase.

The AM-OLEDs also consume less power than the LCD extending the battery life. It is expected that the shipment of OLED screens against the shipment of exterior screens of mobiles will increase by a factor of 8 between 2009 and 2015, increasing from 22.2 million units to a staggering 178 million units, according to iSuppli. Source – eweek.com

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