T-mobile raised overage rates, how does this affect you?

Not great new for Tmobile customers out there, as from September 1st overage rates will be increasing.

As the prices increase customers who want out can cancel without an early termination fee applied. Single line plans below $59.99 and pooling plans under $89.99 the overage rates will increase to $45. All other plans single and pooling will be increased to $40. The increase is better known as a ‘materially adverse change of contract’

This means basically under standard contract law, the original agreement is void meaning that customers can leave the agreement they are in without the normal mid or early termination penalty. Some customers would have received letters regarding the increase in July, although it’s not clear whether only the customers receiving the letters would be able to cancel early without the ETF. To find out more and read the disclosure from T-mobile visit consumerist.com

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