BlackBerry Onyx Official Press Image Released

Although the Research In Motion BlackBerry Onyx smartphone isn’t exactly a secret on the net waves, but we haven’t up until now seen any official photos of the BlackBerry Onyx smartphone.

Well that has now changed as cio.com post the first official press image of the BlackBerry Onyx from T-Mobile, although it doesn’t really deliver and huge surprises with this expected BlackBerry Bold/Curve 8900 mash up.

Spec review, you’ll get 3G, the new optical trackball, WiFi, and a partnering of T-Mobile, RIM and Amazon.com to deliver a preloaded version of the Amazon MP3 Store, and should be available sometime in November.


One thought on “BlackBerry Onyx Official Press Image Released”

  1. Ricky Davis says:

    I just hope T-mobile USA send a few to Europe whe it is released.

    It is getting desparate over here in the UK. We need the new Bold and Storm2. NO GAMES PLEASE RIM just send the phones. ASAP

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