New Sprint Update: Release Note for webOS firmware 1.2.0 released

Sprint has apparently released the official release notes for the Palm Pre webOS 1.2.0 firmware; although as of yesterday no firmware update was available on the Palm Pre reports prethinking.

However, if this is the official Sprint Palm Pre firmware 1.2.0 release notes, you can expect an enhanced copy feature added to the browser and email, send and receive vCards via the contacts application, improved global search to catch synonyms, filter search in email, LinkedIn enhancements, improved auto-linking of contacts, Bluetooth for expanded car kits support, and more.

Palm Pre webOS 1.2.0 also addressed certain issues such as capability has been added to dial phone numbers from a calendar notes field, handset will no longer reboot while attempting to download music when there was not available user memory, user interface now displays “updating PRL” correctly when you tap on Update PRL in Phone Preferences, and more; for the full rundown just hit up the link.

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