Nokia 5800 and N97 Update: kinetic scrolling, updated apps and more

At last following a lot of complaints regarding the Nokia 5800 & N97 and other touchscreen devices about the lack of kinetic scrolling Nokia are set to address the issue.

As Nokia announced the new iPhone killer with capacitive touchscreen at Nokia World and lunched the new Nokia N97 Mini spokesperson Mark Guim of the Nokia Blog showed off the great new firmware 2.0 update which is for the Symbian S60 5th edition platform.

Firstly better kinetic scrolling, reduced memory usage, updated and new apps, have all been dramatically improved although the sluggish performance doesn’t appear to have been fixed. The 2.0 firmware is said to be available from October and downloadable through the software update agent. Visit thinkdigit.com for more information.


5 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 and N97 Update: kinetic scrolling, updated apps and more”

  1. vince says:

    I presently have a Nokia N97 and have been a faithful Nokia user since 1994 but since using the N97, Icould not be more dissappointed in a phone that is said to be “Nokia’s flagship phone”. I highly reccomend everyone to steer as far as possible from the N97 as it does not preform nearly as well as it’s competitors. Even when you purchace upgraded software such as quick office or adobe reader or other applications if the download does not work sucessfully the first time you just threw away your money because you cannot download the software a second time without having to pay for it again. And chances are that it will not install the first time because there is not enough phone memory to download And install larger software or applications. Error and numerous other messages constantly pop up right in the middle of trying to use the phone making usability slow and a hassle. Again I urge you to steer away from the Nokia N97 unless you like to throw your money away for a paper weight.
    It was the Worst waste of my hard earned money.

  2. vince says:

    something else to add is Quit using the term “iphone killer” until a competitor can come up with something completly unique as apple did with the iphone and as user friendly than its Not an iphone killer. The only thing the iphone competitors are capable of doing is taking ideas from the iphone and copying them to create a similar device.

  3. Stefan says:

    kids kids kids.
    N97 is cool phone. And after update 20 will be perfect.
    If you saying that iPhone is better, than I have to say NO.
    What you mean copying….
    iPhone is NOT first touch screen phone, and isactually crab.
    You cannot add stuff to your iphone from other computers, you cannot use it for few days without charging, you cannot do multitasking on it, all you can do is, play a while with nice screen device and spend lot of time with charger on it.Dont forget computer take everywhere you go, because if you have problem with iPhone, without your pc you cannot do anything.What a cool iPhone.

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