Poll: Should T-Mobile and Orange merger be investigated by Watchdogs?

It seems to be the biggest news at the moment, the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK, and consumer groups have called for the Office of Fair Trading to mount an investigation into the proposed merger due to concerns of the amalgamation of these two mobile operators as Britain’s largest operator could harm competition reports The Guardian.

Apparently the proposed merger of T-mobile and Orange could result in the loss of several thousand jobs within the joint workforces of 19,000, with 37 percent of the UK’s mobile phone market, some 28.4 million customers.

Initially the merger will come under the eyes of European regulators, but the Office of Fair Trading can ask that an investigation take place in the UK if they feel such a deal will significantly affect competition in a specific market.

So readers, what is your opinion, please vote in our Poll below.

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