Verizon confirms Wi-Fi, devices may include BlackBerry Storm 2 and others

Verizon, last month announced they will make free WiFi available in several airports and hotels for their broadband customers, and apparently Verizon also plans on pushing out numerous WiFi equipped mobile phones during the next few months states an article on investors.

Analysts have been speculating which WiFi enabled mobile handsets Verizon is likely to push out and believe such handsets will include the Palm Pre and Research In Motion’s new BlackBerry Storm 2.

Confirmation of a slew of WiFi enabled handsets are on their way from Verizon Communications and this comes from their chief marketing officer, John Stratton, who has said, “If you look at devices that will be shipping this quarter and definitely in 2010, they’ll be Wi-Fi.”


3 thoughts on “Verizon confirms Wi-Fi, devices may include BlackBerry Storm 2 and others”

  1. brian says:


    On ALL phones though? That would be extremely surprising. Wi-fi has unfortunately only been offered to phones that require data plans (i.e. “smartphones”). If they’re now offering wi-fi for phones that don’t require a data plan….that would be huge.

    and much appreciated!

  2. Ashley says:

    um… what’s the point of wi-fi if you are required to pay $30 for a data plan anyway? Seems redundant to me. I’d rather have the wi-fi and ditch the data plan.

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