Apple iTunes 9 shows a new makeover, do you like it?

There’s a new iTunes available and is iTunes 9, and the Apple has given their iTunes store a cool makeover, and is now apparently that much easier to explore reports an article on the iphone blog.

With the new look iTunes 9 the user now has a navigation menu across the top of every page making it that much easier to navigate for that music, application, games or audiobook for your iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch.

The all new polished and shining iTunes 9 looks slick and more professional and you can now preview and purchase iTunes content from anywhere in the iTunes 9 store by using the new Quick View Feature.

So what do our iPhone packing readers think of iTunes 9, do you like it?


4 thoughts on “Apple iTunes 9 shows a new makeover, do you like it?”

  1. Tanya Orr says:

    I want to know where all the streaming radio stations went. I used to be able to listen to my favorite stations and I had hundreds of choices. Now there is only 32 religious stations

  2. Gordon Sinclair says:

    Re “There are now only 23 stations.”

    Yes I had noticed this reduction. It is indeed edifying to note that the number of semi-literate bigoted charlatans has been reduced.

    Like you, I wonder why it is permitted to bombard people with this patronising ill-educated nonsense. Clearly an omnipotent being will be perfectly capable of revealing him/herself to all of us should he/she so desire.

    I agree with you; one would have to be profoundly insecure in ones relationship with God to require anything so facile as a radio station to cement that relationship.

    Anyway, only 23 now and moving in the right direction – well done Apple!

    “Every day now, people are straying away from the church and going back to God”

    Lenny Bruce”

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