Apple iPhone 3.1 Patches: 4 QuickTime, 10 iPhone bug problems

Apple has pushed out a couple of updates which patched ten vulnerabilities in the iPhone software; with 4 of those patches for the QuickTime player reports an article on computerworld.

1 of the 10 flaws was the iPhone bug which Apple patched last July after security researchers showed how hackers can hijack the iPhone via malicious text messages. The patches also patched vulnerability in iPhone telephony which attackers could exploit via SMS.

Just 2 of the vulnerabilities patched with iPhone 3.1 were critical, the first being triggered by rigged audio file and the second designed to exploit via a malicious website to leverage a bug in WebKit, while 4 vulnerabilities involved WebKit.

Apple also has updated QuickTime for Mac and for Windows, taking it up to version 7.6.4 and fixing 4 critical flaws.

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