Mophie Juice Pack Air for Apple iPhone Users

The newer model in town is the mophie Juice Pack Air, several battery extenders have been tried and tested but we all continue to look for the longer, better and much stronger power.

There are a number of different battery chargers available for the iPhone, some have modules that plug directly into the bottom and yes they certainly pack a punch. You do need to be careful when handling the iPhone when you are connected. Mophie on the other hand makes the case style and the Air is molded to be a thin and remain as pocketable as can be.

The mophie, uses a USB micro cable, but not a micro USB, which causes some concern (if you forget it or misplace it then your battery charger isn’t getting charged). The bottom line is if your looking for one then it’s well worth checking out the mophie Juice Pack. For more information please visit theiphoneblog.com

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