New Motorola Cliq gets hands-on and first impressions treatment

The wait is driving us all crazy for a real hands on with this but at least we have had the chance to very briefly touch the CLIQ.

The UI is most definitely faster than any factory ROM used on any Android device before despite the MSM7201a core. Most magic ROMs would stutter but the actions are really smooth on the CLIQ.
The screen is glass capacitive and feels like it there is no give like you have on a GI or Magic.

The keyboard is just great, actually we feel there will be no complaint about this layout unless you are one of those really dedicated to the horizontal number row. The camera is really easy to use, and helps you make the most of the 5 megapixel auto focus optics. To see more pictures of the CLIQ then just follow the link and click engadgetmobile.com

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