Pioneer XW-NAS3 and XW-NAS5 tabletop iPhone speakers, soundbar

During the CEDIA expo, Pioneer introduced their bookshelf sized iPhone speakers, the Pioneer XW-NAS3 and XW-NAS5 into the United States having introduced them to Europe a week ago reports ipodnn.

Both the XW-NAS3 and XW-NAS5 are single units and have been designed to deliver better sound that the standard in the class with 2.1 channel digitally amped 60W output.

The starter is the Pioneer XW-NAS3 and comes in white and just for Apple handsets while the Pioneer XW-NAS5 adds playing ambient sounds and radio and comes in multiple choices of colours including red and black, although there is no pricing been stated but these should arrive by the year’s end.

Lastly there is the Pioneer HTP-SB300 sound bar which delivers TV’s virtual sound through a 36.1 channel; 250W unit that can decode Dolby TrueHD and DTS.

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