Poll: Why is there no webOS 1.2 for Palm Pre?

Sprint seems to have accidentally posted the release notes for the Palm Pre webOS 1.2 on their website although there is no change log shown which could well mean Palm Pre owners may have to wait a tad longer for webOS 1.2 update to appear reports softpedia.

The webOS 1.2 update for the Palm Pre was accidentally shown when a Palm Pre owner used webOSDoctor to reset their Palm Pre and Palm quickly removed the software from their website only for Sprint to publish the webOS 1.2 release notes.

Sprint stated that the webOS 1.2 update was expected to land on the 8th of September, but now webOS 1.2 and its changelog have vanished with no word on when the Palm Pre will gain webOS 1.2.

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Why is there no webOS 1.2 for Palm Pre?”

  1. DUH says:

    Duh… iTunes 9 just landed, and banished Palm Pre synch as suspected. I’m sure they were waiting for that in order to determine how to work around it. We’ll see 1.2 soon, I have no doubt.

  2. Jason says:

    “Because it will never come.” Is that really an option? Is the author of this article stricken with down syndrome or some other mental retardation disease? Of course it will come, just take a bit longer. I mean seriously, I am having trouble understanding the logic behind the two retarded choices…?!?!

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