Has new OS 3.1 update messed your iPhone up?

It has been reported that quite a number of iPhone users have experienced problems after using the latest update. And some have been forced to restore to factory settings.

Some have found that their iPhones have completely bricked. One iPhone user updated their iPhone to 3.1 software then shortly afterwards tried to install an app, but the iPhone would not allow it.

When connecting the phone the next day the user was told that by iTunes that the iPhone would need to be restored, as it couldn’t be read. When eventually managing to restore the iPhone the user found the 11 of his apps were actually now missing, the user tried again which was an even bigger mistake as this totally killed the phone leaving it in recovery mode ands iTunes can’t restore it. Source – blogs.telegraph.co.uk


12 thoughts on “Has new OS 3.1 update messed your iPhone up?”

  1. Shum04 says:

    My iPhone 3gs failed when updating to 3.1, error 1602. Then later when I tried to restore it from recover mode it gave error 1604. I tried 3 times and I even completely removed iTunes, etc from my pc then reinstalled it an it still didn’t work!

    In the end I used my other computer, installed iTunes 9, Downloaded the 3.1 software again and it finally worked!!!! I simply connect back to my normal pc and sync my iPhone with my previous backup. Took a few hours but I got there in the end, it’s been a few days now and I have had no problems at all, thankfully.

    I hope this helps anyone having problems.

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  2. Andy says:

    My iPhone 3G crashes about 3-4 times a day since the 3.1 update and also has now started forgetting the WEP key to my wireless network – when are Apple going to sort this disaster out?!

  3. Byron says:

    Yes. My phone has problems.
    For one, there is no APP STORE Icon on the springboard.
    Other icons are missing, and those are apps I PAID FOR, and I can’t even re-download them, because it considers them already installed.
    Thanks Apple, I think I’ll jailbreak the living electrons out of my 3GS whenever it’ll be possible.

  4. kristianstar says:

    I’ve had to visit the Apple Store 2 days in a row because the new upgrade fried my iphone 3G. I understand from online research that this is a huge problem here in the US. Apple, we are waiting for your response to this!

  5. David says:

    Since downloading 3.1 these problems have happened:
    1. The home button doesn’t work correctly.
    2. When ending a call, it freezes up. Must reset
    3. Almost impossible to access itunes. plug in the phone and nothing happens
    4. hold both buttons down to restart and the phone turns on instead of off.
    5. turn on ipod and then cannot access. Must reset.
    6. constantly freezes in different areas of use.
    This has been going on for two days. All my friends I have shown this to are afraid of the 3.1 download. I am now trying to reset to a different firmware to see if it will fix. I had no problems ever until 3.1. Thanks apple

  6. Tyson says:

    After upgrading to the new 3.1, my iPhone constantly crashes, my Internet will connect but crashes sometimes in start up, and or hours at a time, I won’t receive any texts or calls only to get 6 emails, 4 texts and a voicemail all at once. I’m going back to 3.0 for the time being. Maybe next firmware.

  7. Marcia D says:

    Music starts to stutter after about 20 minutes of use, then will start/stop in 5-10 second intervals, finally freezing up and shutting down. I’ve sent feedback to Apple twice but I finally did a restore from an older back-up (pre 3.1). I’ve had the music playing for about 30 minutes and so far seems to be fine. Won’t trust the new update till I hear this has been fixed.

  8. Tara B says:

    I tried downloading new update today and now my phone has crashed and said I need to restore it to factory settings. I tried doing that and no luck. I went through all troubleshooting ideas listed on website, including some of the things that fixed other people’s phones on here and my phone is completely inoperable.
    I called Apple and they claim that my error number means its a hardware issue and not their fault. I also don’t have warranty so they can’t help me they said. When I tried restoring it on another computer, a completely different error number came up.
    It sure is a coincidence that my iphone just happened to have “hardware issues” immediately after downloading the software update. Hmmm, it can’t possibly be Apple’s fault can it?
    Screw you Apple.
    They don’t care if they lose a customer because they don’t need my money!

  9. stamos says:

    this mail was upload to apple site and was removed after 30 min???
    i take that beta deviceiphone 3g for 600 euro from july and still after updates and updates this toy is not working as a phone and is not relayble as must be a device in the market i wond my money back or repleace it with windows phone that is more relayble and trust in the market this is the last time that i have take something from apple and never again
    best regards
    pavlis stamatis
    if the kids in apple dont now what is going globaly at least dont so up with something that is revolutionary that it is not and is a BETA DEVICE AND UNSTABLE OS

  10. fraser says:

    Okay so non of my paid for apps work now after updating my phone to 3.1 – The phone is two weeks old and this update caused non of the apps to work and the phone to go into a coma. I have now lost £20 worth of apps (including FIFA 10) which now it seems i have to download them again, this is a joke. Of course Apple will profit from me having to pay for these apps again.

    This wee with their sh*tty Snow Leper update dropping all my wireless connectivity I am getting seriously hacked off with them wasting my money.

  11. NYPRG says:

    Ever since I updated my 3GS phone my phone also crashes 3-4 times a day and never did before. 🙁
    Stupid question, theres no way to reverse the phone back from the update?

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