Finally Samsung S5230 gets Wi-Fi, is this enough though?

We think that you may find it very hard indeed to find a phone that doesn’t look better wrapped in a nice thick creamy layer of Wi-Fi support.

Non 3G phones in particular, as they have no way to push around the bits at reasonable speeds. Lets take Samsungs S5230 Star for example, it was a more than adequate perfectly reasonable touch phone
At the announcement back in spring. But all it had to it’s name was EDGE.

So Samsung quickly took note of the situation and have re released the Star in new S5230W and also S5233W forms, both of which are the same Star we knew but have had a little splash of Wi-Fi added in for good measure. Its apparently already shipping so keep your eyes peeled for this at your local retailer. For more information visit engadgetmobile.com


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