Pre-order SIM Free Palm Pre in UK for £399

UK mobile phone specialist, Handtec and London e-tailer m-Phone both have the Palm Pre smartphone up for pre-order SIM free, with Handtec asking £517.49 while m-Phone requires £450 with an expected delivery date of the end of October, reports an article over on itproportal and claims the Palm Pre is priced at £399.

Better known e-tailers, Play.com and Expansys will both offer the Palm Pre as SIM free but do not display a price for the webOS smartphone, but both have the Palm Pre at pre-order status. Google Products however list the Palm Pre from Play.com as commanding a price tag of some £500.

So if you are a Palm Pre fan and want to order your handset now is the time, although personally I’d look around for the best possible price.

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