Samsung Reclaim finally launched by Bell

You may or may not recall not that long ago, the plans that Bell had to launch the Samsung Reclaim.

Not letting us down and very true to form the plans have now come to light and the Reclaim is now available to us on Bell. You can grab or snatch whichever you prefer one of these for $49.95 on a three year contract or $99.95 on a two year or $199.95 on a one year contract or for prepaid it will set you back $219.95.

Why we ask is the Reclaim so special? Well it’s made from corn based bio plastic materials and is 80% recyclable, and even the size is smaller. The charger is also energy star approved which means it would take 12 times less energy to charge. To find out more visit engadgetmobile.com


2 thoughts on “Samsung Reclaim finally launched by Bell”

  1. That’s interesting the energy star label, 12 times as less energy usage? That’s a lot. I think the Samsung really looks cute at the same time it is good for the environment. Although I must admit that I never thought about what happened to my old phones. I guess they have probably been recycled as well?

  2. shauna says:

    do yourself a favour and DONT GET THIS PHONE

    i renewed my 3 year contract with bell and decidied to get this cute green phone . close to my woranty (a year) it started turning off randomly and re booting , missed calls and texts , sent my 1 texts to people over 10 times!!! screwed up the organization of my text convos, deplicate messages that i couldnt fined in the phone so i would always have 1 missed message displayed, memory card doesnt fit right it gets stuck .

    i sent this phone in for repair 5 times !!!! and still wasnt fixed so they finally decided to give me a new one. ive had it for 2 days and it is already doing the same thing .

    NEVER again wil i get a bell phone without researching it first

    such a waist of time going to bell , waiting for it to come back just to be sent in again

    rediculous and couldnt be more upset since my dads been a loyal bell customer (im under the family plan) for over 30 years …

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