What Recession: Very cheap iPhone stand called the GoGoStand

As we know you can easily get iPhone stands varying in different shapes and sizes including luxury models costing around $40 to no cost hacks you can put together yourself.

It seems that we all like the idea of a stand that goes with you wherever you go makes sense really, something that you take with you and don’t accidentally leave behind every now and again.

That’s where you might be interested in this little gadget, the GoGostand, which is so small and has credit card like dimensions necessary to fit in a wallet but which amazingly unfolds into a solid adjustable stand for your iPhone or even your iPod Touch. Have a look at the video and see what you think of it, now moving on to the price this little beauty is selling for just $4.99, which includes shipping. Sadly it’s currently sold out, be honest are we really surprised. See more at reviews.net.com

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