Latest Update: HTC Touch Pro2 aka Tilt 2 AT&T Launch

We all know that October 6th is going to be one smash of a day, but we’re not done yet.

Its now looking like AT&T subscribers will also be able to join in the fun and not feel left out. We’ve all been wondering and waiting patiently for AT&T to launch the HTC Pro 2 which as we know is already available on T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

AT&T apparently have a very good reason for holding off at the launch. We’ve been informed that AT&T is preparing to launch the Pro 2 otherwise known as Tilt 2 on October the 6th. Since the release will be after Windows Mobile 6.5 becomes a reality we are banking on the Tilt 2 being packed with WinMo 6.5 right out of the box. For more information visit boygeniusreport.com

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