First 4G WiMAX Android smartphone 2010 launch by Sprint

T-Mobile will soon be launching the Motorola Cliq and is already home to two very distinct Android handsets. The T-Mobile GI and the T-Mobile myTouch3G.

It is expected that Sprint will be going live next month with the HTC Hero and Verizon is also expected to welcome the Motorola Sholes to its network in October.

Sprint is said to be the first wireless carrier to offer a 4G WiMAX Android handset, and according to PC World the smartphone made by Samsung will be launched in 2010. If Sprint do get the rumoured 4G Android handset to the market in time, they may just be able to claim the title of being the worlds first. Watch out for Verizon though as they are also gunning up for their national 4G LTE network in early 2010. Source – intomobile.com

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