T-Mobile myTouch3G gets unboxed

Although Apple may well be king of the hill when it comes to their designing of some minimalist retail packages that all seem to exclude sexiness, but the Apple iPhone’s box isn’t really useful.

On the other hand though T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G retail box is just pure genius. The myTouch 3G otherwise known as HTC Magic is a fantastically great Android phone just as it is, but have a look at the video and see for yourselves the magnificent box.

The box cover looks stylish enough as it sports a kind of arty look that you wold expect from an Android smartphone aimed really at the younger and hipper. The cover may even do well as a wallpaper, once inside after you remove the box cover you will find a lovely textured semi hard case that also doubles as a retail box. For more information and to see the video visit intomobile.com

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