How do you set-off the moisture sensor on an iPhone 3G?

So what does it actually take to set off the moisture sensor in the iPhone 3G? Sweat, dunking in a pool of water, hot day humidity? The thing is apparently numerous iPhone users say that their iPhone 3G warranty has been voided unfairly due to the moisture sensor going off during normal usage reports the consumerist.

Apparently Apple says their protocol when answering customers whose iPhone has triggered the external liquid sensor is that the warranty is now void. The warranty states it doesn’t apply “to damage caused by liquid spill or submersion,” although according to the Apple rep, Apple doesn’t open an iPhone and investigate for real signs of liquid damage.

So basically the only way to gain a solution to this problem is probably to go higher and hound them into getting a tech to actually open up the iPhone and investigate as there have been reports that once opened and investigated no water damage was evident.


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