How would you like $10000 for LG Chocolate Phone

Okay, apparently if you own an LG Chocolate phone you may stand a chance of receiving $10,000 for it from LG as LG is apparently offering said amount as LG Mobile searches for 5 of their Chocolate phones states an article on mobigyaan.

Word is LG wants the mobile phones which carry a serial number of 802KP821224, 803KPBF578597, 803KPXV578330, 803KPHV578503 and 803KPJP923836 and are willing to hand over ten grand for them.

So if you are the owner of one of the LG Chocolate phone carrying said serial number whip off an email with your details and a photo of said phone to leg.com by the 30th of this month whereby the owners will be contacted by LG reps.


3 thoughts on “How would you like $10000 for LG Chocolate Phone”

  1. Ceci says:

    Did they say WHY they’re doing this? If you think about it, ten grand is a heck of a lot of money to be paying for just one phone! Does anyone have an idea on this…?

  2. info mania says:

    This must not be an average Chocolate phone, but maybe a limited gold line?
    If they put out an advertisement, it must not be a regular Chocolate phone. Why, a few years ago they had limited sales of the Chocolate phone gold line. Since it was a special edition, it must be scarce even to LG. If the phone they find is the gold line, then the probability that the winner will be from China is high because they love the color gold.

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