New Wrap 310 Eyewear for iPhone launched by Vuzix

A new pair of video glasses has now been announced by Vuzix Corp and is the Wrap 310, and they look almost like a regular pair of sunglasses but feature high resolution video displays to project a 55 inch screen reports Intomobile.

The Vuzix Wrap 310 also includes removable noise isolating earphones and powers up to six hours using only two AA batteries, and will accept video from virtually any video player including the Apple iPhone and iPod.

The Vuzix Wrap 310 is apparently the most versatile video eyewear on the market and is the first video eyewear which has been designed for upgradability, and also features an expansion port to deliver near limitless compatibility.

UPDATE: Press Release

Vuzix Corporation is launching its new line of sunglass-style Wrap video eyewear products in time for this year’s festive season. Bringing an all new form factor together with the most advanced performance available, the new Wrap line delivers great style and versatility for users wherever they decide to wear them. These digital video accessories are the perfect gift for Christmas bringing the ipod/iphone movies and music videos to life!

The new European edition Vuzix Wrap 230, Wrap 280 Widescreen, and Wrap 920 are the most advanced wearable display technology available today. With a sunglass styled design the Wrap line allow you to watch your favourite movies and video’s whenever and wherever it suits you. Whether it’s on a plane, in the car, on the beach or simply at home you can now enjoy a great personal movie experience, on cinema sized screens, that literally fit in your pocket.

With ‘virtual’ screen sizes ranging from 46” to an amazing 67”*— equivalent to home cinema screens – and with the added capability to view much of the forthcoming 3D, movies shorts and games, these glasses are the must have digital accessory!

Vuzix’ video eyewear can connect to a multitude of devices, including camcorders, portable DVD players, mobile phones, PC’s, game consoles, and of course the immensely popular Apple iPod family. In fact, with the recent announcement that the new iPod nano now has added video functionality, the Vuzix Wrap line is THE complimentary partner to Apple’s market leading devices.

Available from October via http://store.vuzix.co.uk/, major online retail outlets and on the High Street in Menkind stores, the new Wrap product line range from £129.99 to £249.99 inc VAT


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