1GHz processor full HD camera module unveiled by Samsung

A while ago Samsung announced a 1GHz CPU called Hummingbird, well according to an article on gsmarena, the Hummingbird isn’t the only think that has been keeping the research and development department of Samsung busy.

Samsung has announced the S5PC110 smartphone chipset and S5PV210 netbook chipset, with the S5PC110 intended for a 5 megapixel system-on-chip image sensor and optimised to deliver long battery life in mobile phones using a 45-nanameter Low Power fabrication process.

Both processors incorporate 3D graphics and support 1080p full HD video playback and recording at 30 frames per second. No doubt with this kind of processing power coupled with a 5 megapixel image sensor will deliver the first full HD video recording in mobile phones.

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