Apple Palm Sync Wars: USB-IF side with Apple

In relation to the sync war between Apple and Palm over the syncing of the Palm Pre with iTunes, a battle that has gone on for a while and continues to do so, the USB Implementers Forum, who oversees the universal bus standard, has replied to Palm’s claim that Apple is “hampering competition” reports digitaldaily.

And it looks like the USB Implementers Forum has come firmly down on the side of Apple as the group dismiss Palm’s claim that Apple has violated their USB-IF Membership Agreement, and has taken issue with Palm’s use of Apple’s vendor ID number which in itself violates USB-IF policy.

Palm has complained that Apple used the USB vendor ID number to put a halt to the Palm Pre automatically transferring content to any non Apple device and thus violated the letter an sprit of the USB-IF Membership Agreement; for the full article follow the link.


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