Video: Text Message World Record Shattered by iPhone 3GS User

Want to know what the record is for sending SMS messages from an iPhone 3GS in one billiong cycle of 30 days? Well apparently it now stands at a whopping 662,258 text messages, and we have a video from the guy who holds that record courtesy of daily mobile.

Apart from that being a huge amount of text messages to send from an iPhone 3GS in 30 days the AT&T bill probably set a record for the most bill pages as well as AT&T sent the guy the bill on 12,301 pages.

The actual AT&T bill was delivered in three boxes. The guy doesn’t say just how much in cash the AT&T bill came to, but I bet it was quite a hefty one unless he has unlimited texts, and I wonder if AT&T charged him a delivery charge for delivering that bill?

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