iPhone Jailbreak 3.1 Unlock Scam: Losers in the long run

Many of you have the iPhone and many of you including myself have downloading the new iPhone OS 3.1 software, so the question many of you are asking is “Can You Really Unlock Your iPhone 3G 3.1?

Have you wanted to unlock your iPhone but legally in a contract and paying the bill of your provider, how does it all work? Well Official Spin have a very good short article that intrigued us, they say they approached IphoneUnlocking Ltd who claim that they can indeed unlock the iPhone 3G in minutes (Quite tempting you might say) www.unlock-the-iphone.com and they boast they can offer money back guarantee.

Official Spin paid via PayPal and have got into a dispute, apparently the software was sent to them in two exe.files that did not even match up to their promise of being Mac compatible. Please let us know if you think this is a scam and if you have ever come across a scam, we would love to know what you think.


11 thoughts on “iPhone Jailbreak 3.1 Unlock Scam: Losers in the long run”

  1. Jas says:

    Hey guys, DONT EVER believe what those scammers at iphone unlocing ltd say, its all fake, I was scammed last week by them, they send you a download link to software, but the software is not even the right one, its the old quickpwn! absolute scam.

    Money back = Lie
    unlock 3.1 easily = Lie

    Their support service is a scam as well , When you phone know one ever answers they leave you on hold THEY MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR PHONE BILL! so don’t call them at all!



  2. Grant says:

    l had this same problem happen after l wanted to purchase this software to continue to use the services provided by cydia after using the purple rain software original my 3.0 was running alright accessing cydia the same way if l was running redsnow 0.8.Then l let my phone die down for battery sake and when l turned it back on l got the apple logo loop and the iphone would not boot l was without a phone for 5 days then.When l got back home l had tried to install redsnow 0.8 but itunes would overide and say that l had to install the 3.1 update no matter how many times l tried to roll back using the 3.0 ispw it would not work.I then seen alot of these adds and they were saying they could do the 3.1 update already despite what the expects e.g cydias developers who’s names l wont put in and also the devoloper of purple rain.The websites that were selling this software were setup with the download for redsnow 0.7 which l repeat to them again does not unlock a 3gs iphone running the firmware 3.1.Unfortunatly l had to close my credit card because l was’nt too confident that if there software did’nt work that its not a scam.Sadly the software they offer is made by the redsnow team which does’nt make things to good.Hopefully there will be another unlock software comming out by some tallented developers to get people with the iphone 3gs running firmware 3.1 unlocked so they can get some more use out of there iphones.Keep up the good work with the good software programing and new firmware unlocks.Esp since people are being ripped off with scams atm since the update.

  3. Greg says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you into a little inside info. If you file a claim with PayPal and they deny your claim, you can always file a dispute with your credit card company or bank. A lot of times if the charge is under 30.00 bucks the bank is willing to write it off cause it would cost them more to investigate it.

  4. Michael says:

    It’s definately a scam. There isn’t an unlcok for 3.1 yet. And when it comes out I’m sure it’ll be free like the other unlocks. I learned this after I purchased the software. Not only doesn’t it unlock 3.1 like they claim, they’re seeling freeware created by someone else that they have no right to be selling. Don’t expect any money back from the company itself. They probably hope you’ll just go away after being frustrated that you can’t reach them. I had used a credit card though so I’m disputeing the charge with my card. My guess is they won’t fight the dispute since they’re scammers.

  5. Aharon Friedman says:

    This is definitely a scam. I purchased from them in August an unlock for the 3GS 3.0.1 only to find out that their offered solution (the public available program) is not the one for the 3GS. They have not responded to any of my queries. I intend to file a fraud claim against them with my bank.

    As for PayPal. The only way to deal with them is to pay through a credit / debit card. Not directly from account. I have not yet seen a paypal claim being granted. They are criminals. When you use your card the bank is required by law to handle any claim.

  6. dill says:

    So if i want to jailbreak my iphone 3g with 3.1 with the software from the dev team will i lose my service with at&t? Will i have to re-activate it?

    ive googled it a million times and still no clear answer.

  7. George Molnar says:

    Their www site says Mac version available but there is no way to specify Mac version. The email they send to confirm has a link to a zip/exe fie that doesn’t work even in Windows.

    I’ve called them – always “will connect you to”, emailed them, left messages – no response.

    I’ve contacted AMEX.


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