Poll: Can Vodafone battle Apple with 360 mobile service?

Vodafone seem to want to take on the likes of Apple with its brand new Limo-OS based 360 mobile internet service, this new service will bring you a range of integrated social networks and apps, oh and not forgetting new Samsung-manufactured mobiles.

Obviously Vodafone want a market share that Apple has with the successful iPhone and of course RIM’s Blackberry and Google’s Android mobile OS, the question is “Can they succeed?” this new service is all about syncing your PC with your mobile phone with ease, basically do everything you need to do all from one place.

Facebook, Live Messenger and Twitter can connect with 360 using address book ‘Vodafone People’ which will automatically sync your contacts for your phone with Facebook, Live Messenger and Twitter, even Google Talk.

The release will be sometime around Christmas, for more information about what Vodafone 360 will offer please visit Tech Radar, please do vote on our poll system below.

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