Vodafone chooses LIMO for 360

Vodafone has been a member of the LIMO Foundation since its inception, and LIMO is celebrating Vodafone’s endorsement with two Samsung mobile handsets.

According to an article on the register, the LIMO Foundation has already launched 42 mobile phones using the Limo platform, and now Vodafone will now be actually selling LIMO based handsets. Limo Release 2 opens up to BONDI and Vodafone’s 360 platform.

Vodafone could have gone with Android, Windows Mobile or one of the many operating systems available today for their 360 platform, but that would leave them unlocked and open to other client apps such as Handingos’s InHAnd or SPB’s Mobile Shell, while LIMO keeps control in the hands of Vodafone and puts Vodafone back in the driving seat.

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